-I have worked with Fazel from the very beginning of my first dental practice search when I literally knew NOTHING on how and where to start. He not only guided me on my journey, he taught me EVERYTHING I needed to know to evaluate office statistics, financials, and steps involved in practice acquisition. Having Fazel on my team was honestly the best decision I made in my professional career. His genuine and humble nature and expertise in the dental field is sometimes difficult to find in today’s dental industry. Fortunately, with him by my side, we were able to find a great practice with tremendous potential to grow. I look forward to continue our journey together to strive for practice and professional success. Dr. K. DDS

“Working with Fazel has been a great experience for me– he’s simplified the process of practice acquisition and made the whole procedure much less daunting! Buying a practice is a huge investment, it pays to have someone like Fazel on your side!- Dr. C. DMD”

I started looking to buy a practice just before getting to know Fazel and I was very confused, didn’t know where to start and what to look for. Fazel told me it’s going to take 2-3 months to find a practice that is suitable for me. We talked and he got the idea of a suitable practice for me. I travelled to Southern California to meet with him. After having the informative sessions with Fazel, I was very confident and knew exactly what to do. I had an action plan in hand and a good support to rely on. I started looking just at the broker’s descriptions and I was crystal clear to go and see the office or not even bother to see it. In 2 months, I chose three offices, I talked to Fazel, picked 2 out of 3, visited the 2 and bought one. I am not saying that I didn’t get lucky to find the place that I liked but I am saying to have him by my side, was like having a full time support. He is very caring, very knowledgeable, and very attentive and really more than an advisor, he is a good friend.  Buying a practice, especially for the first time is challenging, with Fazel and his knowledge, the whole process is much easier.  I definitely recommend his service for buying a practice.  You don’t want to make a decision for life without knowing what you are getting into. -Dr. L., DD


If you are a dentist, you should talk to Fazel. He is been advising me throughout my career starting before my graduation as DDS, and it continued while I was an Associate Dentist and now owning my own practice. He is literally on my speed dial for any short or long questions. He knows working with dentists very well since his wife is a dentist as well owning her own dental office. Before buying a practice, you should defiantly consult with him. He will make sure you buy the right Office and won’t overpay. I know always I can get a complete answer to any of my financial questions in business and personal. I do not know any Dental CPA that knows so much and helps so many people. I highly recommend Faze


Before meeting Fazel, i dealt with many sales people and was not aware of fee only financial advice. I never knew what is good for me and i was not sure whom i can trust. Now, i get a customized plan and advise with no bias and follow this step by step.


Fazel is amazing. He is compassionate, empathetic, and offered creative and helpful solutions by tailoring his services to fit within our needs.

Being a dentist, I have a very busy schedule. Fazel worked around my schedule and had our meetings via phone, email and in person. He is relatable, very knowledgeable and very ethical. So easy to speak to him about complex financial matters.

Before meeting Fazel, I did not know what a fee only financial adviser does and what the differences are. I am happy I found someone working with the highest professional standards serving his clients best interests only. I highly recommend everyone to simply google and find out about fee only, fiduciary Financial Advisers.

He offered no judgment, just understanding, and put our minds at ease. We created plans and solutions that we will follow long term to achieve our financial goals.

I can’t say enough good things about Fazel. I’d go to him again and would highly recommend him. This review is overdue. I am happy he finally started a Yelp page so I can share.

Dr. Sanaz Y.

Fazel’s New Dentist Program taught me how to buy a suitable dental practice, not overpay& completely set up my dental practice from A to Z. We spent many hours and after that I knew I was ready to make the move toward purchasing an office. I was always ahead of my schedule. It was like I knew what will happened next, every step of the purchase process. After I started working at my practice, his support continued and I had a trusted person to turn to for any and all questions. His wife is a dentist as well and he is involved in the business every day. I know other people who bought practices with no consult nor preparation and ended up with a mismatched office & big loan. I saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots of time. I learned smart ways to search for an office & not waste my energy nor any resources. He is a great DentalCPA& consultant. If you want to buy an office, you should consult him. Actual DDS client.

FROM GOOGLE: Great Financial Planner and consultant for dentists. honest, ethical, professional and very educated and knowledgeable. Highly recommendable.